Writing Update

I got frustrated with Court of Scales and put it up for critique. Which is going very well. I've got tons of new things to think about for it, and the feedback has been mostly good with just enough of the not-so-good that I know what needs to be worked on. Which is the point, after all! :D

I've started editing A Sign in Blood. It feels really good to be working on it again. I wish I was doing a more comprehensive edit, actually, but I'm just adjusting the first three chapters and fixing some problems later in the story that I recently realized. Then up it, too, will go for critique and I'll edit from there. Maybe chapter by chapter, maybe not, depending on what catches my interested between now and then.

As always, lots of crits to do. Man, the stories so many people are missing out on! Somebody should publish this stuff! :D


Jane Rutherford said…
You positive attitude makes me feel guilty about that huge novella that's just sitting there waiting for edits while I have a blast writing a new huge story...
Marion Sipe said…
Oh, don't feel guilty! Sometimes it's absolutely necessary to write what makes us happy!

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