Good Stuff

The catching up is going pretty well. I'm still behind with crits and my fiction, but I'm making progress and that's enough to make me happy at the moment!

Unfortunately, there is some sad news. Lame Goat Press is no more. They were a small press, but I really thought they had potential, so it's sad to see it go. However, the lovely Chris Bartholomew, the publisher of Static Movement, has been awesome enough to pick up the Flash! Anthology as well as several others, and will be moving ahead with publishing them!

This is wonderful news for me, since my story "Innocent Until Proven," is in the Flash! Anthology. For which there is now cover art!! See? Isn't it pretty? (I'm so excited!)

Also, on a completely different note, MuseItUp (a wonderful Canadian e-publisher, and I say that not just because they've made the wise decisions to publish a few of my friends :) ) is putting together a free online writer's conference! How cool is that? I've already signed up and I'm really looking forward to it, although I don't think I can have A Sign in Blood ready for pitching by then. Oh, well. Anyway, I really need to get back to playing catch up! :D


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