Symmetrical #12 - Coloring Book Walkthrough

Symmetrical #12 is a reflection on dragonflies, which I have a thing for. I find it fascinating that they spend a significant portion of their lives living in the water (nymph stage) exclusively, like tadpoles (I also love frogs), and then take to the air to become skilled and beautiful fliers.

I wanted this image to encompass all of the things I think of when I think of dragonflies: the water, with it's expanding ripples, and the plants and air that later become their home, their distinct wing shape, the colors and the translucence of their wings.

The line art for this design is available in my book Symmetricals: A Grown-Up Coloring Book. My preview for this design (to the right) didn't show off the dragonflies to full effect, unfortunately, but then it was only supposed to be a hint at what was to come, right?

And check out the print version for sale over at Fine Arts America! They've got everything from canvas prints to metal ones, plus tote bags, phone covers, towels and tones of other things.


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