Dreamspring's New Site is UP!

I'm so excited!  I've been working on it in every spare moment for a while and it's so good to finally have it done and launched!

I'll be keeping the blog (itself) up, but getting rid of the various pages so I don't have to update in two places to keep everything accurate.  There's a new blog over at the website, and that's the one that will be getting updated.  It's at marionsipe.com, so make sure to update your links!  That's where you'll find all the up to date information, a brand new FAQ with a bunch of good info, and new portfolios for both premade and custom covers!!


Donnie Peters said…
I love your new site! It’s quite amusing, and it shows your creative skills very well. And I think the dragonfly logo in the header is a nice touch. I bet your followers are really loving it. Now, all you have to do to keep them hooked is to keep the updates coming. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us, Marion. Good luck!

Donnie Peters @ WThree

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