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Hey all!

Dreamspring Design has a mailing list! I was looking for a better way to stay in touch with my authors. My own eclectic system of posting on Facebook, here, LinkedIn and sometimes Google + isn't really working. So, I came to the conclusion that a mailing list and monthly newsletter was the way to go. So, that's the plan. A monthly newsletter with updates, notice of sales, probably some exclusive coupons, etc. So, I thought I'd post about it here and let everyone know what's up! I'm also putting the form here, so you can sign up if you like. The form is also in the sidebar, just under my bio, so you can sign up there, too.

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What a great idea! I look forward to seeing your newsletter! Maybe I can find a way to sneak into it... :-)
Marion Sipe said…
Thank you! And sneak? LOL! Sweetie, I'd be thrilled! *G*

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