The Merry Mary Month of May

2213071 - Dragon's Head
Hey everyone!

For the last few weeks I've been coming to grips with the Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, and I love the results that I'm getting.  There's still a lot I have to learn, but I've gotten the hang of it well enough to make a couple of book covers from some of my original art!  The one over there (*nods left*) is one of them!  I'm not sure about offering custom original covers yet.  I think I'd prefer to get a better grasp on the equipment before I do, but it's coming soon.  *nods*

Right now, I'm working with different techniques and re-learning how to work in photoshop using the stylus and tablet.  Plus, I've got some new software to try out.  The Wacom came with some free things to play with.  But, I'm a fast learner!

I've also updated my portfolio of custom covers and loaded up some new premades!  I'm working on updating the current events page, though, and that might take another day or so.  Whew!  So much to do and never enough time, right?

As to blog posts, I'm preparing to run a series on the mechanics and infrastructure of writing, but that's going to take me a little bit longer to finish.  In the meantime, I can tell you that we'll have an interview with Becca Mills on the 13th!

Also, this month (the 23rd) will be the first anniversary of Dreamspring Designs!  I've got a lot planned to celebrate, including some sales and things!  There will be a three day Facebook event leading up to the 23rd, and each day I'll have a different bargain up!  I'll post a link when the time comes.  The biggest sale will be a huge one-day sale on May 23rd, when everything (including my services) will be 25% off!

On May 24th, I'll be raising my prices.  Anyone already on my client list will receive a permanent 10% discount on the higher prices.  That includes people who've bought my premades. 


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