I Am Actually Still Alive...

Hey there everyone!

You know what's odd? Well, yes, the general answer to that questions is "me," but more specifically? When I'm really busy, I disappear from here, and I virtually disappear from Facebook, but I'm general more conscientious about returning emails in a prompt and timely manner. Now that my classes don't have me in a stranglehold, I'm around more on Facebook (and here), but less good about emails. *Facepalms* It's just that I realize things like, "Oh yeah, I can get off the computer!" and "Wow, there's a lot of stuff I need to do that's not on the computer!"

Seriously, I don't know how all of this stuff got done while I was in la-la land! I guess I should totally be thanking the Fiance for picking up the slack!

And, nobody scream, but I might even have ... *gasp* posts soon! I make no promises, but there are somethings rolling around in my head that I'd like to post about. It won't be the siege weapons post I've been promising because I need to re-familiarize myself with that research before I can continue and finish that poist, but I will (hopefully, *fingers crossed*) have something for the blog that is, at least, mildly interesting! Maybe... :-D


Celebc├╣en said…
Yeah, and it seems I'm generally bad with email, instead. I've been wanting to email you for ages now, and still haven't.

Well, I'm happy you're back on the blog, though. Can't wait to read new stuff :-)
Marion Sipe said…
Oh, believe me, I know the feeling! Some days, I kind of forget the email exists. *eye roll*

Me, too! Now I just have to finish a post! *glances over at them* *G*
If you don't answer emails, how can I get a cover for my book made by you?
Oh, man! *headpalm*
Marion Sipe said…
LOL! Oh, I do answer them, just not as quickly as I do when I'm uber busy. It may take me a whole day or two to get back to people. *hangs head*

Of course, anyone who wants a cover is also free to comment me here, or find me (marionsipe) on facebook! And between the three, I can almost always be found. *nods*
I tried to send you an email at your gmail but it came back. They could not deliver it.
Okay, found the problem!!! Resent the email. Sorry, was my mistake.
Marion Sipe said…
Lol! Hey there! I've got the email, and I will look it over and get back to you soon!

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