All Souls: Stories from Life's Fringe is out!

Okay, so it's actually been out for a little bit, but between internet troubles (now fixed!) that kept me off the net for 3 whole days (nearly lost my mind!) and NaNo (I'm currently at 9,209 and aiming for 12,500 today!) and packing (we're getting there!) and editing on Getting Ahead (meep.) I haven't had much time to do anything but sleep and eat!

A collection of three ghost stories about the souls on life's fringes: Blood Home (12,000 words) in which Addison tries to go home after the death of his brother, only to find that the ghosts of his past won't be easily laid to rest; Digging (2,500 words) in which Devin meets an unlikely friend in an unlikely place; and The Things We Pass On (flash) in which Samuel does not deal well with his father's death.

$.99 and available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!


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