Post and Interview Roundup, with added apology

A vicious migraine ate my brain this weekend and I totally flaked on the LGBT Characters in SFF guest post I was supposed to do over at Chrystalla Thoma's blog (as well as my usual Saturday post here). Big, huge apologies to her and to you guys. The LGBT character post will be up soon, and I'm so sorry about the flaking!

Okay, now on to where all I've been this past week...

I did an interview on Kindle Author.

I was also lucky enough to do a guest post on Women in Fantasy over at Adventures of a Sci-Fi Writer.

And also a wonderful interview over at Discarded Darlings.

And where I will be this oncoming week...

July 22nd - A guest post on Worldbuilding at over at Making Words Happen, with a giveaway to intrepid comment-leavers!

July 23rd - I'll be doing an interview with the literary marauders over at Curiosity Quills! Although, watch your step, they're a tough crowd! ;-)

And the rescheduling of the LGBT Characters in SFF post, which I can't pin down at the moment because my cohort, the lovely Chrystalla Thoma, lives in beautiful Cyprus, where it is now night time. I will, of course, make a quick announcement when the rescheduling is decided.

Swing on by, if only to leave a quick comment and possibly win a free ebook!



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