Crime Links!

Okay, so whenever I get a minute when I'm not working, writing, sleeping, eating or doing unmentionable things with the Fiance, I'm organizing my links. I come across a lot of interesting stuff and file it away at random in the moment, so this is a pretty continual process. I thought I'd share a few of the neat things I found while adventuring through my own labyrinthine link filing system.

After all, what writer doesn't need more links? :D Today, it's links relating to crime. *rubs hands together*

Profiles of a Rapist

I like realism, even in my genre reading and not everyone does. However, I think that writing criminals requires a writer to know something about them, to understand what they want (even when it's icky) and how they're most likely to go about getting it. While I don't think a profile like these should be used as a character in and of itself, I think it's important to consider these traits and how they would or could be expressed in an "in character" way. Now, as I said, not everyone likes realism as much as I do, and not all writing is about realism. I get that. But, for me, this link is a fantastic jumping off point for if I ever create a rapist character. And, given my penchant for crime stories (even in my genre fiction!) I just might someday.

The Truth About Chalk Outlines

You only really see chalk outlines in TV, I think. Most books don't mention them. Or maybe they do and I just haven't read them.

The next two are videos:

How to Escape From Metal Handcuffs
How to Escape From Plastic Handcuffs

Well, that it's for this link session. Enjoy! Er, feel free to leave me any links you have to hand, too, btw! :D


Jean Davis said…
Well hey! I just discovered a use for all those bobby pins I have that have lost their plastic protective coating. :)
Marion Sipe said…
Oh! Let me know how that works out! ;)

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